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At UTSA, my wife and I minister to international students and scholars by teaching Bible studies, conversational English, building relationships and discipling them. They come to our home. Jesus is changing the lives of many we work with, and they are taking that new life back home with them and sharing it with their own families and friends.

We support this work as tentmakers/bi-vocational missionaries, like the Apostle Paul. It is how we support ourselves in this work the Lord has put before us. We work with churches to photograph family portraits. If you like what you see, prints. OR, keep us in mind for a more formal portrait or a family reunion portrait.

We will ask for your prayers for this work. While so many come into our home asking, they are also heavily influenced by Buddhaism and other religions, so join us in prayer as we ask God for opportunities, clarity of witness and hearts ready to hear and to believe in Him.

And as the Lord leads you, prayerfully consider supporting this work. Go online to


"Thank you for teaching me valuable knowledge of the Bible. My life will never be the same again." Changhong, April 2015


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